Technology Support for Older Adults: Computer Tutoring and Technical Support

For older adults who are living in today’s modern times, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the change. Technology changes rapidly and for a person who has not kept up, it can feel hopeless knowing where to start.

According to some studies, older adults avoid using technology out of fear of making mistakes. However, technology is particularly valuable for people above the age of 60. Technology can give older adults freedom in ways they might not have otherwise. They can order ride-sharing services when they are no longer able to drive, they can learn new hobbies, and they can schedule cleaning services to help them run their homes. Additionally, keeping up with technology helps to avoid loneliness and isolation.

Technology can help people connect with old friends or classmates, and their family, so they feel they are still connected to a social life.

It is incredibly important for older adults to have a reliable technical support team to help them with technology related issues. Our technical support team can provide technology tutoring so that individuals can learn new technology they may be afraid of. A reliable technical support team knows how to be patient and has experience teaching technology to those who are no tech-adept.

For example, while most smartphones only last two to three years, this transition to a new phone model or brand can feel overwhelming for a senior. A technical support team can ensure their senior customers feel comfortable and practiced with their new phones.

Out technical support team can also be counted on for computer repair and home network issues. Most people cannot be expected to know how to handle these issues, or where to go to get them fixed. Having a team to call for all tech-related issues will ease the discomfort that most older adults feel when interacting with new technology.

It is so important that older adults stay tech-savvy, so they don’t fall prey to online scams trying to steal their identity or banking account information. People need a trustworthy accounting person that can help them with their bookkeeping, bill payment, and tax preparation. Using a professional company, such as Ultra ITS, ensures that all the banking information is kept private and secure.

It is vital for people 60+ to learn about technology and how to properly use it. Ultra ITS offers technology tutoring for older adults. We teach people the information they need to stay safe online and how to use technology to improve their quality of life. We also provide accounting services to assist older adults with all their bookkeeping needs.

Additionally, Ultra ITS helps with technical support issues. A reliable technical support team can help people overcome their technical issues such as virus removal, new system setups, creating a home network and installing smart devices.

Experience all the freedom that technology has to offer!