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Getting frequent errors on your computer or poor internet connectivity? Improve your computer's performance.

We can help you solve computer repair issues like Wi-Fi network coverage and connectivity, system upgrades, and security. Same-day service calls available, our team of reliable technicians are ready to help you get more out of your computers and smartphones.

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Computer Repair

Speed up your desktop or laptop computer with proper system maintenance. Including:

Virus, Malaware, & Adware Removal
PC/MAC System Optimization
Home Network & Wi-Fi Coverage
Online Data Security
New System Setups

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Technology Tutoring

Get the most out of the internet, your computer, and your smart devices. Personalized training on:

How To Use Your Computer?
How To Take Advantage Of "The Cloud"?
How To Stay Safe Online?
Guidance For Online Security
Best Apps To Use

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Ultra ITS - Faster & Safer Computers

Helping people in Boca Raton to bridge the technology gap with 1-on-1 technical support and tutoring since 2009.

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